Tuesday, April 8, 2008

the week of the race - 5 days to go

I did my penultimate swim workout this morning, spending just 15 minutes in the pool concentrating on my form as I put in a leisurely 450 meters with rest breaks in between laps. I really want to do more, but I know I've got to taper this week as I get ready for Sunday's race.

Looking ahead to Sunday, it's definitely looking like it'll be warm, so my never-used sleeveless triathlon top will finally come in handy! This is good, and bad as, in order to abide by the advice I've heard from three different triathletes, I'm going to have to wear my tri shorts and tri top for my next three workouts (bike, run, swim).

Everything else I plan to wear/use has been put through its paces (except the actual wetsuit I'll rent), so I'm already envisioning how it's going to be laid out on the towel in the transition area.

Dan says it'll be a good idea to actually put all my gear on a towel at home as if I were in the transition area so I can make sure it's all packed and ready to go. I think I'll do this Saturday morning, I have to go to Sports Basement anyway to pick up the wetsuit, so I'll practice setting up my transition area before I go to SB.

Looking at the logistics for Sunday, registration opens at 6:30am while my wave starts at 9:14am. What am I going to do for three hours? It'll either crawl by or fly by. Once it's over, I'll let you know which it was.

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