Thursday, April 10, 2008

the week of the race - 3 days to go

I did my last pre-race run this morning, an easy 2.5 miles in twenty minutes around the neighborhood.

I wore my tri shorts and tri top underneath a warmer layer both for comfort's sake (was all of 39 degrees at dawn) and for modesty's sake. I'm fine wearing the skin tight outfit amongst a bunch of other folks doing the same, but I don't want anyone gagging on their breakfast as they see me flying by their kitchen window on a training run. According to my wife, I look quite nice in the triathlon outfit (thanks, hon), and I'm still a little giddy at having shed 35 pounds since I started this health kick last summer.

As I ran today, I visualized how I'm going to set up my transition area at the race Sunday. I've got a good idea how I'll be organizing my equipment on the towel and what should and shouldn't be there.

But where in the transition area should I set up? Checking in with Dan (my triathlon mentor), he says I should try to get a spot on the end of the racks, ideally toward the edge of the transition area. No matter what, though, remember where my stuff is... the last thing I want to be doing is burning T1 or T2 time looking for my bike or my shoes.

The transition area opens at 6:30am Sunday. Depending on how the rest of the family does in waking up early with me, I hope to get there no later than 7am so I can get a good spot.

Just two more workouts to go: one more swim tomorrow, and then riding the course Saturday to familiarize myself with it.

Have I really done over 60 workouts to get to this point? Yes, I guess I have. Can't wait to do the race!

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