Monday, April 14, 2008

I can now call myself a triathlete

I've completed my first triathlon, the 7th Annual ICE Breaker Triathlon at Granite Bay, CA.

I survived, and I'm not nearly as wiped out as I thought I'd be. I trained for the last twelve weeks using Joel Frie's training program designed to let you "finish with a smile," and I'd have to say the program delivered on its promise.

While the final results haven't yet been posted, the executive summary of the race:
  • it was already warm (low 70s) by the time the race started
  • my swim leg was my worst (I knew this going in)
  • my bike leg was the most enjoyable (my strongest suit)
  • my run leg seemed to go faster than I expected (we'll see what the results tell me about my time, tho)
  • I finished in under two hours, and by that time, it was in the mid 80s. hot!
Over the next couple days, I'll go into detail on the experience during each stage in separate posts. From what I've written up already, there's a lot to share. (update: see setup to swim to T1 and the bike and T2 and the run and the finish)

Would I do another triathlon? Hell, yes, I'll do it again. This is good stuff.

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Matt said...

Congratulations! I hope to hear more about it!