Thursday, February 28, 2008

triathlon wetsuit rental

Following the very good advice of several experienced triathletes I've spoken with, I've decided to wait to purchase a wetsuit until after I complete my first triathlon in April (same goes for a good bike, too).

Of course, this means I'll either be reaaaallly cold in the water for my first race, or I'll have to find a place to rent a wetsuit. But rent from whom?

Lucky for me, I've registered as a volunteer at this weekend's Stanford Treeathlon here in Redwood City.

The race organizers make the following recommendation on their race info page:
Wetsuit Rental: Although the Stanford Treeathlon does not have an official wetsuit sponsor, we as a team have had very pleasant experiences renting wetsuits from both Sports Basement in Sunnyvale and The Runner's High in Menlo Park.
I'm a huge fan of Sports Basement already, so no doubt I'll be renting from them a couple times (once for practice and the other for the actual race on April 13).

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