Thursday, February 7, 2008

how to fuel a body training for a triathlon

My weight's been bouncing around between 192 and 195 ever since I started my triathlon training plan almost three weeks ago. And I know a lot of this is due to my diet and getting enough calories to fuel the furnace while not over-feeding the system.

I know at the start of the training program, I was under-fueling and I think I may have pushed the pendulum too far the other direction. What's a trainee to do?

I also understand that part of the challenge I'm up against is that I'm putting on muscle now that I've incorporated multiple sports in my training regimen, and muscle is heavier than fat (yadda yadda)

Thankfully, I came across this handy eating plan courtesy Men's Health Magazine's Belly Off program.

I've already started following it as of today, and I think it'll serve me well as I come up on finishing three weeks of training this weekend. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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