Wednesday, February 27, 2008

next big challenge: swimming Alcatraz?

A colleague here at work has put another challenge on the table: doing the 1.5 mile swim from Alcatraz on September 20, 2008.

The event is officially called the South End Rowing Club's 13th Annual Alcatraz Invitational Swim. It costs $110 to enter the 1.5 mile swim event.

I have to decide soon, as only 500 folks can register and I hear there are fewer than 100 slots left.

Just thinking about the challenge gets my juices flowing (a lot like they did last year when I first agreed to climb Mt. Whitney).

I know I'm capable of doing all the training to get my body ready for this. It's the intangibles I worry about... weather, freak accidents, sharks... but Dan assures me there's never been a reported shark attack on humans in the Bay. (I need to do some serious googling to confirm that)

I've given myself until Sunday to decide. Don't take my slot in the meantime!


Anonymous said...

Tidal flow is - so I am told - the number 1 challenge. Cold water and choppy seas might be next. Sharks? Don't think so.

ThomasK said...

I think you're right, jef├ęb. Talking with folks who've done the swim in the past, it sounds like it's a surreal pleasant experience if the weather's fine and the wind is down. And it's hellish when the weather's bad and the choppy seas are in full fury.

Unfortunately, the point is moot this year, as the event has sold out. Dammit.