Thursday, February 14, 2008

training while sick? just say no

I was afraid this day would come, and I guess I'm glad it happened now and not closer to race day.

I'm sick. Full-on can't-breath-through-my-nose, sounding-like-Barry-White, everything-aches and I-just-want-to-sleep sick. Blech.

I could feel the start of it yesterday morning, but I still dragged myself out of bed to hit the bike and spun my way on the trainer for most of the prescribed 40 minutes of workout. How? by following the tips I've read that say if you're not feeling like working out, just do it for five minutes and then see how you feel. It got me over the "should I?" hump yesterday and kept me going for 30 minutes.

Today, I just can't do it. Not even for five minutes.

Luckily, my better half sent me a link to this weight-lifting blog post answering the question "Weight Training While I am Sick? Does It Help or Hurt?" Their advice: just don't do it.

While their analysis is all about the weight training, it easily transfers to triathlon training:
When you weight train, especially some intense workout, your body gets knocked out because you just used a massive source of energy.

Your immune system no longer works effectively. This will leave you in worse shape and actually take you longer to recover. I found one opinion that stated light cardio is good for your sickness only when it is a mild cold.

I was thinking about this and agree that it will not hurt, but it will not really help either. I suggest you just rest and get well. Use this time as a good time to let your muscles rest and rebuild.

So, today's a day to let the muscles rest and rebuild. And I'll make a game-time decision tomorrow as to whether I'll swim or not.

I'm surprised to already be bummed at the thought of not getting into the pool tomorrow. Since when did I become a fan of swimming?

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ering said...

Hi. I am training for my first triathlon and just got sick. I Googled "triathlon training sick" and you were the second entry. Thanks for the advice. I looked up the light cardio article and think I am still in the contageous, worst part of my cold. So I am going home to get some rest. Take care.