Monday, January 7, 2008

sidebar: Mt Whitney Lottery 2008

Since climbing Mt Whitney was that which got me on this triathlon gig, I've decided that a repeat climb is in order (and must be scheduled around this summer).

When's the summit date? It depends on how I do in the Mt Whitney permit lottery.

Wish me luck, I'm going to try to climb it in a single day with a group of friends when there's no snow on the ground (July/August).


Brad Rourke said...

Don't forget that, even if you don't get a permit, you can go and camp out in the parking lot and wait for a cancellation. I have summited Whitney more than once that way. But that parking lot is quite uncomfortable! --Brad

ThomasK said...

I admire your resourcefulness, Brad... you've always got a backup to the backup to the backup plan :-)

Will let you know what the lottery does for us (permit for eight). I'm aiming for a mid-week climb in June/July so hopefully there won't be THAT many others vying for the same day.