Monday, January 21, 2008

first strength training session done

Today marks the official beginning of my twelve-week training program for the ICE Breaker triathlon on April 13 in Granite Bay, California.

Per the training program for beginners spec'd out in Joe Friel's Your First Triathlon book, today was either a "day of rest" or an optional strength session.

I opted to do the strength session as part of the Anatomical Adaptation phase of getting my muscles into shape.

This means I did a lot of reps on light weights just to get into the swing of things. My fifty-minute-long workout went like this:

- a five minute warmup on the stationary bike
- 3 sets of 20 reps each of the following:
  • leg press
  • seated row
  • chest press
  • leg curl
  • abdominal curl with twist
  • lat pull-down
- a five minute cool down on the stationary bike

It was nice to get back in the weight room. I felt just enough fatigue in my limbs to know I'd gotten a good workout, and considering it took less than an hour from my leaving the house to my returning home again, I think I can make it fit my schedule going forward.

What I have to make sure of now is that I'm eating enough to fuel all this exercise. I have a feeling the pounds aren't going to come off as quick as I step up the training.

One day down, 83 to go!

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