Sunday, January 27, 2008

New "ramp" podrunner mix for training

DJ Steveboy just released "Upward Mobility", a ramp mix that accelerates in steps from 135-175 bpm over the course of an hour. Good stuff!

From his latest newsletter/blog post:
"Upward Mobility" (135-175 BPM)
Before we start a new series on the "sixes," I thought it'd be fun to do a "ramp" mix, since there isn't one available in the current archive. If you're new to ramp mixes, these accelerate steadily over the course of the hour, reaching 25% of the target at 15 minutes, 50% at 30 minutes, 75% at 45 minutes, and 100% at 55 minutes, giving you a good run at the peak BPM.

The responses to the ramp mixes have been terrific. As training devices they cause your body to steadily increase its energy consumption, and many people tell me they increase both distance and time, often starting much slower than they usually go and ending up much faster than normal.
Of course, I didn't see this until after I came back from today's prescribed 20 minute run, so I couldn't sample the effect today. Looking forward to giving this mix a spin on a longer run later in the week!

Oh, and DJ Steveboy's feed for his intervals workout mixes have been posted, so subscribe via your favorite RSS reader today so you don't miss a single mix.

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