Tuesday, January 8, 2008

finally going to get my feet wet

I've been avoiding the swim training aspect of preparing for my triathlon, preferring to run and spin instead, as I'm not a good swimmer.

But the main reason? I have no access to a pool. Sure, we've got a pretty big tub, but I can't fully practice my strokes in the tub. I have to have a real pool.

While I was in Malaysia in December, the hotel I was in had a pool, and I tried swimming a couple laps in it to no avail. My problem there? my shoulder-length hair kept covering my nose and mouth whenever I tried to turn my head to breathe.

So, I've been putting off the inevitable extra expense here close to home: getting a membership to a gym that has a pool. And in Redwood City, there are three choices: Gold's Gym, the Sequoia YMCA or PCCC.

Of the three, PCCC has the best facilities, and as an added bonus, the PCA Masters Swim program is run out of PCCC. So why isn't it a no-brainer? Well, there's the registration fee to join PCCC ($600) on top of the monthly fee ($97/mo) for access to the pool, the weight room, etc. I can do the monthly, but it's the reg fee that's made me pause. There's a Masters-only program, but I really need the personal time to practice, as my form is horrible and I don't want to get constantly tapped on the foot to be passed in Masters.

Lucky for me, it's all changed now, as PCCC is having a "no reg fee" special if you join in January. I'm signing up tomorrow and plan to be in the pool this weekend. I've already got the goggles, the swim cap and the suit. Just add water.

Three-sport training: here I come!

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