Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I win: finding the time to swim

Today was just the second formal day of my 12-week training program, yet it was also the first test of my resolve to stick with the program. (I passed!)

Up until this training program, I've been able to squeeze in a run whenever I've found time in my schedule: first thing in the morning, late at night, middle of the day. It didn't matter. All I needed were my shoes and my iPod and my reflective vest, and I was set.

Now that there's equipment involved (bike and pool and weights) and a more rigid plan for which day I do what exercise, I don't have such freedoms to squeeze in a quick session.

This structure is particularly discomforting on weeks like this one where I've got something going on after work every night this week. I've got no choice but to do my workouts in the morning, and that's where the swimming gets a bit complicated: the pool lanes don't open up until 7am (Masters class owns the pool 6-7am).

So when I failed to wake up on time this morning, day #2 of the program, I was a more than a little frustrated to be thrown off kilter so quickly into this training thing.

Lucky for me, I had a meeting at work cancel in the afternoon, so I was able to squeeze in the relatively light "swim #1" workout (10 min in the pool) in just 45 minutes away from the office. Sure, it was 47 degrees and raining while I was working out, but I was wet already, and the outdoor pool's heated enough that you don't really notice the air temperature once you're in the water.

I felt better after doing my 250 meters of swimming than the first time, and the feeling of success for having gotten in the workout despite the scheduling odds was highly satisfying, too.

Day #3 is a session on the bike, and I've already got it set up on the trainer downstairs. No way I'm gonna miss this one.

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