Friday, June 20, 2008

preparing for the Tri for Fun - Pleasanton

Tomorrow morning at 7am, I start my second ever triathlon at Shadow Cliffs Regional Park in Pleasanton, CA.

This one's a "Tri for Fun" meaning there's no competition for places or medals or prizes, you're simply competing against yourself to finish as best you can.

Tomorrow's Tri for Fun is the first of a series of three that's held on the third Saturday of each summer month in prep for the "Tri for Real" on September 20 when they'll time the field and award medals for age bracket top finishers, etc. Tomorrow's race is simply a "get out there and do it" and it's not even timed. (I'll be doing my own timing to report back).

And this triathlon's short, too. Only 400m swimming and 11 miles biking and a 3.1 mile run to finish things off. After completing the Ice Breaker Triathlon earlier this year at longer distances for each leg (800m/13mi/4mi), I'm not as concerned about finishing tomorrow's race, mostly because the swim tomorrow is so short and I've been doing the masters workouts that are five times as long the swim tomorrow.

I'm excited to do the race anyway, especially as one of my coworkers will be doing her first-ever triathlon (go, Dimple!) and I'll be racing again with Thom, my good friend who helped me through my first triathlon in April.

Can't wait to blog about the results tomorrow night.

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