Monday, November 26, 2007

10K trot times are up

The fastest trotter completed the race in 33:17.

I missed finishing in the top 1000 runners by 13 seconds.

Official results: I came in 1015th place (of 1445 runners) at 1:03:48 for an average of 10:16/M

In my age bracket (M 30-39) I was 184th of 224, yet I take solace in the fact that the fastest in my age group came in second overall at 35:01.

Kinda bummed that my time was well over an hour and my pace was so far above 10:00/M, but it provides a good starting point to build from. I'm not in it to win, I'm in it to have fun. But I'm still planning to break the 50th percentile next time.

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