Monday, October 22, 2007

picking my power song

To help combat the monotony of running, I ordered a Nike +iPod Sport Kit from Amazon last week.

And now that I've got the little music-inspired-gogo-gadget, I'm asked to select, out of the 10,000 songs in my iTunes library, the one song that'll push me harder should I find my resolve beginning to fail mid-run.

Talk about a desert-island-disc challenge. How the heck do I pick just one?

For now, I've picked Are You With Me? by Vaux. It was a recent Single of the Week on iTunes, so it's top-of-mind for me although I'm sure there are other songs that'd push me just the same (in fact, Bodysnatchers by Radiohead off the recently released In Rainbows is another up-tempo song worthy of "power song" status).

I imagine the shelf life of any given Power Song is finite, so I'll likely change it often. If it's worth tracking, I'll add a Current Power Song widget to the side of my blog to display it.

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