Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm doing the 2009 Escape from Alcatraz!

Got a wonderful email this morning:

Congratulations on securing an entry into the 2009 Escape from Alcatraz. If you accept the challenge On June 14, you will get to jump off a perfectly good boat into the frigid water of the San Francisco Bay, swim with 2000 of your best friends from Alcatraz to Little Marina Green. You will climb out of the water and run (with or without shoes) one half mile to the transition area, jump on your bike and ride 18 miles (most people say that it is all up hill) and then run 8 miles under the Golden Gate Bridge, through the sands of Baker Beach, up the infamous sand ladder and back to Marina Green to the finish line. What a great way to spend the day!
Whew, I didn't think I was going to make the cut this time around. Have gotten messages from a bunch of folks telling me to prepare for an epic race.

See the rest of the lottery winners on the Escape from Alcatraz lottery winner page.

I think this'll be a great warmup race on my way to the Vineman 70.3 in July!

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