Tuesday, July 22, 2008

rock n roll half marathon discount via Twitter

Thinking of running the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in San Jose on October 5?

If you still need to register for the race, you can save $20 by doing two easy things:
  1. register before July 31 deadline when the reg fee goes up by $10
  2. send a request via Twitter to @elite_racing for a $10 off coupon code.
Of course, if you already followed me on Twitter (I'm @itsthomas) you'd know this by now, and if you aren't already following @elite_racing, you're missing out on other race-related goodies.

I just registered for the RnR San Jose today, and it will be my first half marathon, ever. I figure this is as good a race as any to get me on the road to training for my first half Ironman next summer (I've got my eyes on the Vineman in July 2009).

Hope to see you in San Jose in July October!

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