Tuesday, March 25, 2008

four days no training due to the flu

I thought I'd made it out of the cold/flu season relatively unscathed, but I was wrong. I'm in day four of the five-day flu that's going around, and I can't wait for this to be over. As I posted earlier, no working out while sick, so I'm in a mandatory rest period with less than three weeks to the race.

How did I get here? Last Friday I was feeling fine... good enough, actually to swim 1000 meters in 23 minutes in the pool. If not for needing to come home to help entertain surprise guests, I'd have swum even further. Then Saturday morning, I woke up feeling like I should've eaten a bit more Friday night to be fueled up for my swim lesson and bike ride. I pressed on and made it to the end of the swim lesson, but that's all I could muster.

By Saturday noon, I was aching all over (after-effects of the swim Friday night?) and had a bit of vertigo (chlorine in the sinus cavities from learning to flip-turn?) so I decided to take it easy (hey, there's March Madness on the TV, too!). By Saturday night, I had a fever and chills and aches and coughing... no doubt about it: the flu.

So, no swim+brick workout on Sunday for me. Monday's optional rest day was mandatory and today's been a struggle to stay upright and not infect my co-workers.

If nothing else, the timing's good on this particular outbreak: in Friel's training schedule, this is a week for R&R. I'm just hoping I can recover enough to get back into form by April 13.

The other benefit? I finally broke the weight plateau and dropped to a relatively slim 189 pounds! (The flu's effective, but not recommended for weight loss).

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