Friday, December 28, 2007

podrunner: fixed-tempo music podcasts

Thanks to Neil, I got turned on to the PodRunner web site where I download an hour-long music podcast I can run to.

DJ Steveboy serves up a great set of fixed-beats-per-minute tunes described as "a smooth, driving mix that intensifies over the hour with a classic late-90s trance and progressive-house sound that doesn't let up until around minute 50."

It's the perfect acoustical distraction for me while I'm putting in the miles on the pavement, especially when I'm doing intervals on the local high school track.

And DJ Steveboy just announced that starting in February 2008, he'll be releasing Podrunner: Intervals designed as a soundtrack to help train for distances from 5K to half-marathons. From his latest newsletter:
Podrunner:Intervals is a new podcast of varied-BPM music mixes for interval training. "First Day to 5K," the first 14 mixes, take you from absolute beginner to 5K runner in nine weeks! P:I will feature sets for beginning, intermediate, and experienced levels, as well as sets for 10K and half-marathon training

Can't wait for these varied-BPM mixes... by then I'll be five weeks into my training schedule for the ICE Breaker tri.

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