Thursday, May 28, 2009

Follow me @TriTweetGroup

Not much blogging going on recently, I know. I've been spending my triathlon-related efforts on training for my marquee races (Wildflower done, Escape from Alcatraz next and peaking for Vineman 70.3).

But I've also been spending my time tweeting updates, links to advice and resources and sharing inspirational bits 140 characters at a time as @TriTweetGroup.

It started out as a way to experiment with the group feature of a new Twitter client called ginx, but it's grown into something bigger for me.

In just three short months, I've picked up over 700 followers to @TriTweetGroup, and it's great to see all these triathletes and other endurance athletes sharing their own race achievements and training goals and heartaches and high-fives.

If you'd like to try out the ginx Twitter client and join the @TriTweetGroup, simply use invitation code "C4A8E2311563" (without the quotes) at

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